Man-Made Disasters

The difference between natural and man-made disasters is the element of human intent or negligence that leads to human suffering and environmental damage; many mirror natural disasters, yet man has a direct hand in their occurrence.

These are the net result of inadequately managed man-made hazards and they typically cost the most in terms of human suffering, loss of life and long-term damage to a country's economy and productive capacity.

Less common man-made disasters are aviation accidents such as the 1937 Hindenberg accident and structural accidents such as the 1981 collapse of two of the three concrete walkways at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta.

Below are links to facts about the most common man-made disasters.

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"Most Bizarre Man Made Disasters"
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Profiles of the Most Common Man Made Disasters

Oil and Chemical Spills

Oil & Chemical Spill

Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse

Nuclear Accidents

Nuclear Accident

Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack

Power Outage

Power Outage

Dam Break

Dam Failure

Lost City of Chernobyl

Biological Threat



Chemical Threat

Chemical Threat

Most Bizarre Man-Made Disasters

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