Extreme Weather

There has been a lot of debate lately regarding the cause of the extreme weather conditions most of us have been experiencing the over last 10"15 years.

Some of the different theories that are being tossed around are; Global Warming, Increased Solar Activity, Planetary Pole Reversal, etc.

It seems that no one really knows for certain. Regardless of the cause, it is hard to deny the fact that there has been an increase in the severity and occurrences of extreme conditions such as,

The NOAA has a new app available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. I just put it on my iPhone 5. It provides all kinds of state and local emergency telephone numbers, the NOAA websites, links to the Red Cross (with phone numbers and access to their sites), links to Federal agencies like the Centers for Disease Control, National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center, etc., and evacuation information for residents. Awesome app. Yes, it is FREE.

If you want to learn more about what kind of weather goes on in the United States, check out this page about US Disaster Statistics.

Here's a video with severe weather suggestions which might just come in handy in the coming months:

Here are some Extreme Weather Facts:

  • Highest Temperature in the Northern Hemisphere 134 degrees F in Furnace Creek, California on 7-10-1913.
  • Greatest 60-minute rainfall " Holt, Missouri on 6-22-1947.
  • Greatest 1-minute rainfall " Unionville, Maryland on 7-4-1956.
  • Maximum Wind Gust in the Northern Hemisphere " 231 mph on Mt. Washington, New Hampshire on 4-12-1934.
  • Biggest (numerical) tornado outbreak " 209 tornadoes - Southeastern United States on 4-27-2011.
  • Highest recorded tornadic wind speed " 302 mph " Bridge Creek, Oklahoma 3-5-1999.
Source: World Meterological Association/ASU

While some of these events are predictable, the level of severity can not always be predetermined, so it is important to know how to respond and to be prepared ahead of time with survival supplies.

Create Preparedness Plans and acquire the resources needed to survive extreme weather conditions.

Survival Tips

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